Wedding Decorations

Are you a bride to be, or a friend of the bride to be, looking for unique wedding decorations and supplies that are also affordable?

For out-of-the-box wedding favors and equally charming wedding favor boxes to hold them? Do you dream of an elegant black and white outdoor wedding reception, but at a price that leaves plenty of cash for left over for a s50pectacular honeymoon?

Party City has expanded and enhanced its line of wedding supplies, from beach-themed favors for your luau wedding, to all-black and white wedding decorations, tableware, and favors for your black and white wedding theme. So go all out, because now you can afford it, with our discounted hanging wedding decorations, wedding table decorations, and other themed wedding supplies that won’t break the budget, as well as keepsake wedding favors made more affordable than ever with tiered pricing — all supplies delivered fast and directly to your door. Some of the most striking, versatile, and pleasing wedding decorations are also among the least expensive. Here are just ideas to get you started.

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Red Roses

In our flower shop you may find all needed decorations with red roses. SOME  of them we prepare for 8 march. Together with all kind of chocolates we try to decorate the presents, so that our costumers come out with smiles on their faces.

red flowers

8 march decorated gift








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Flowers and Bossom

The blossom is a little knob, or ball of color, almost round. It is made up of a great many little purple stalks, standing upright and very close together. Pull a few of these stalks from the blossom and put their lower ends between your lips. They are quite sweet like sugar. Nearly all flowers contain honey, or rather nectar of which the bees make honey. Some flowers have much nectar, some less, and some have none at all; the Clover contains a great deal.

All kinds of roses
Tamaris Cazin









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