Favorite Flower

Maybe you never asked yourself before what is your favorite flower, and even if u did you do not know why ? What many people don’t realise is that we tend to favor the one flower that best complements our personality . Different flower symbolize different traits, meanings and emotions, and many theorise that a person’s flower preference indicates that they are most like the associated  attributes of that flower. 

I have to say that my favorite flower is The Tulip,and this reffers to this type of personality ;

  •  sweet, sensitive, thoughtful and charitableTULIPAN
  •  cherish  family and friends
  •  Give your best to whatever you do
  • You seek change and adapt well to it
  • You’re passionate about traveling
  • You connect easily with people
  • You’re cheerful and always give sound advice

So, if u have your own favorite flower, check does it match with your personality 🙂